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Early in Jerome’s career he took to heart the philosophy of one of his mentors in the holistic medicine.

“If you want to be a good healer, a complete healer and not just a practitioner of a technique, you must learn how to get a transformation and health with modalities in each of the five basic human levels of the client. With a sound mind body spiritual philosophy, integrate into your sessions the techniques and modalities on five basic human levels according to your inner guidance and experience then you will be a complete healer.” This integrative approach is necessary to reach the root issue that causes the limitation, pain or stress and for re-education the mind, body, nervous system, and lifestyle for health, healing, enlightenment and success.

Jerome Gross, since 1993, has trained in many techniques and modalities of the healing arts in each of the five basic human levels: mental level, body level, energy level, diet/ nutritional level  and metaphysical/ spiritual level. Currently his mind body therapeutic sessions are a skillful and intuitive integration of his learning and experience.

Jerome’s training and experience in modalities that will help in your Transformation, healing and success:


B.A. San Diego State Univ. in Physical Education, Fitness trainer, Athletic trainer for speed and conditioning, yoga instructor, yoga therapy, Wu chi gong, bodywork.


Training in Various Meditations, Intuitive readings, various yoga meditations/ and philosophies, Ascended Masters, higher dimensional beings, God and Goddess.


Clinical Hypnotherapy, Neuro - linguistic programming, Mindfulness, emotional Cellular release, past life therapy, inner- child regression, (Gendlin’s) Focusing method.


Yuen Method of chinese energy medicine, Pranic healing all levels, Theta healing, Ann Brewer’s Soul

Past presentations, contracts and projects:

Created Effulgence Mind Body Spirit Program. Personally training one client one month a time in yoga, fitness, diet, emotional release of blocks and limitations, meditation and clients receive energy medicine.

  • Hypnotherapy instructor at Mueller College.
  • Body Mind Spirit Expo presenter of Yuen Method of Energy Medicine.
  • Holistic Living Expo presenter of Yuen Method of Energy Medicine.
  • National Black Nurses Conference taught yoga/ meditation.
  • Presented use of hypnosis at Alcohol and drug recovery centers in city heights,
  • Yoga at Crawford HS. Help start yoga club and taught four students to lead a children’s yoga classes at three nearby elementary schools.
  • Presentations Hoover High school teacher on hypnosis.
  • Presentations of comedy hypnosis show, emotional healing, meditation and yoga for Father Joe’s Homeless Teen Center.
  • At Riely Elementary grades 3, 4, and 5. School for Sever Emotional Disturbed children.
  • A year project volunteering 2x  a week teaching yoga, positive empowerment physical ed class and mediation to students. Also each student received energy healing 3x a week by a Yuen method of chinese energy practitioner by remote.
  •  Created Human Values Children’s yoga program and trained yoga instructors to teach children’s yoga in over 25 different after school programs in San Diego County.

Jerome GrosS   (619) 884 2662    mindbodyfitnesssd@gmail.com

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